Sunrise Picturedisk 03
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When Genic grinded to a halt, a new organisation was formed: Sunrise. Sunrise continued the popular Picturedisks and Magazines once initiated by Genic. Sunrise Picturedisk was a bi-monthly disk magazine filled with demos, promos and news from the MSX demo scene. Its audience was international though most of its contents was made by Dutch groups and individuals. Sunrise Picturedisk 3 was published released in 1992.

This picturedisk is likely to be the worst published one. It's full of bugs.



SPD03 intro01.png

This picturedisk opens with an intro by Fuzzy Logic where you can also choose to set the video frequency to either 50Hz or 60Hz. The intro demo contains a horizontal star-field, a wavy scroller and a Moonblaster tune.


SPD03 menu01.png

The menu of this picturedisk is yet again a platform game. This time made by Cain. The game has a horizontal softscroll using modest graphics. Your goal is to find the demos which are hidden behind a door. You can also skip directly to a demo by pressing the number keys 0-9.

Bozo's Big Adventure

SPD03 BBA01.png
SPD03 BBA02.png

This demo is a promotion demo for the upcoming game Bozo's Big Adventure. The game is a lot like the game-menu of this picturedisk. Bozo's Big Adventure is a game by Cain.

Squeek Promo 3

SPD03 squeek01.png

Door number 2: Now, here's a bug. This demo won't start from the game menu. It gives a BASIC error. Funny thing, it tries to start the BCF promo which supposed to be behind door number 7 instead of this one. To start this ANMA demo type BLOAD "RELAX1.bin",r. Notice, it's turbo-R only.

Megadoom Promo

Another "strange" item on the disk. It leaves you with the message "Sorry, there was no space left on this disk"


SPD03 fracti01.png
SPD03 fracti02.png

Tho the game menu says "Franti" this demo is actually called Fracti. A simple SME promotion by XelaSoft which features a fractal background with an overlay bounce scroll. The music is written with SME 3.0 using SCC.


Again, this demo is not present. Instead you get the message "Sorry, the Sunrise Home- en Spelcomputerdag (SSHD) will NOT take place !!". It was intended to be an promotion demo for the Sunrise Home and Gamecomputer fair. But that fair was canceled.

Impact House Disk

SPD03 impact01.png
SPD03 impact02.png

Another promotion demo. This one's for the upcoming Impact House Disk. It's features an interlaced logo with MSX-audio based House music.

BCF promo

Oh wel.... another dead end. This demo won't start at all, it just leaves you with a BASIC error. NEXT!

DP Decruncher

SPD03 dp01.png

A very, very, VERY simple promotion demo to say that XelaSoft has included the new (de)cruncher on this disk.


Supposed to be the News section by Sunrise... but it fails. Your system will restart.