Sunrise Picturedisk 01
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When Genic grinded to a halt, a new organisation was formed: Sunrise. Sunrise continued the popular Picturedisks and Magazines once initiated by Genic. Sunrise Picturedisk was a bi-monthly disk magazine filled with demos, promos and news from the MSX demo scene. Its audience was international though most of its contents was made by Dutch groups and individuals. Sunrise Picturedisk 1 was published released in 1992.


Frequency Selector

Spicds01 0000.png

This picturedisk opens with a frequency selector by Cain where you can choose to set the video frequency to either 50Hz or 60Hz..


Spicds01 introdemo.png

Immediately after the frequency selector the Intro Demo by Cain is shown. It´s a combination of different scrolls with a sine-wave like "water" logo.


Spicds01 menu.png

The menu of this picturedisk is a platform game made by Fuzzy Logic. Every stage represents a picturedisk sub-part, mostly a demo. The goal of each stage is to collect all apples. By pressing SPACE the current demo will be played. You can also skip directly to a stage by pressing the number keys 0-9.


Spicds01 pixelmania01.png
Spicds01 pixelmania02.png
Spicds01 pixelmania03.png

Pixelmania is a multi-part demo made by Fuzzy Logic. The intro part features a static logo with a big scroll underneath it. By pressing space the next part loads. The second part of this demo shows a interactive pixel object. Its shape and rotation can be manipulated by pressing the keys as mentioned on screen.

The Source Of Power

Spicds01 SOP01.png
Spicds01 SOP02.png
Spicds01 SOP03.png

The Source Of Power is a multi-part demo made by ANMA, and remains one of the most popular ones ever. It contains several different screens showing us starfields, graphics, logos, swipe effects together with some nice music.


Spicds01 Fairplay01.png
Spicds01 Fairplay02.png

Fairplay is a one-screen demo made by Moonsoft. Besides a scroller, a music selector, a note and volume music analyzer a Pong clone game is present.

Easy Count

Spicds01 EasyCount01.png
Spicds01 EasyCount02.png

Easy count is a administrative utility made by Buclass.


Spicds01 Terminator01.png
Spicds01 Terminator02.png

Terminator as a promotion-demo made by the Unicorn Corporation.

Total Recall

Spicds01 Terminator01.png
Spicds01 TotalRecall01.png

Total Recall as a promotion-demo made by the Unicorn Corporation


Spicds01 DWAN01.png

DWAN (Demo Without A Name) is a one-screen demo made by Hexagon. It features a few wavy screen tricks together with a scroller.


Spicds01 News01.png

News section by Sunrise