Sunrise Picturedisk 04
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When Genic grinded to a halt, a new organisation was formed: Sunrise. Sunrise continued the popular Picturedisks and Magazines once initiated by Genic. Sunrise Picturedisk was a bi-monthly disk magazine filled with demos, promos and news from the MSX demo scene. Its audience was international though most of its contents was made by Dutch groups and individuals. Sunrise Picturedisk 4 was published released in 1992.



SPD04 intro01.png

This picturedisk opens with an intro by Moonsoft where you can also choose to set the video frequency to either 50Hz or 60Hz. The intro demo contains a scroller, a colorbar and a Moonblaster tune.


SPD04 menu01.png

The menu of this picturedisk is a promotional version of the ANMA's game Nosh. Different stairs will lead you to different demos. You can also skip directly to a demo by pressing the number keys 0-9.

Math Magicians

SPD04 MathMagicians01.png
SPD04 MathMagicians02.png
SPD04 MathMagicians03.png
SPD04 MathMagicians04.png
SPD04 MathMagicians05.png

Stairs number 0 will warp you to Fuzzy Logic's multi-part demo called Math Magicians. As the title hints, it's a demo full of real-time math routines. Something not uncommon in their demos. The demo starts with a jumping bomb which explodes and when the smoke retreats, the loading logo reveals. The first piece of this demo is a logo, a 3D dynamic starfield and some text. Pressing space will warp you to "the Ego trip". A short and hilarious piece of assembly code which fades into a static picture with a bouncing scoller. The scroller has a colorbar inside the font. The last part of this demo is called "The Helix"; a helix-shaped vector scroll with a bouncing Shadow/Savage logo on top. The demo comes with a Moonblaster-stereo (MSX-AUDIO and MUSIC) tune.

Warning! This Demo Is In Color

SPD04 wtdiic01.png
SPD04 wtdiic02.png

A demo called Warning This Demo Is In Color made by the Royal MSX Force. You'll soon see why.. After the introduction a multi-color screen pops up. An RMF logo at the top is portrayed against a scrolling colorbar. Underneath is a logo which has its own palette. At the bottom another RMF logo with yet another palette. It was Wolf's first demo participation on a Picturedisk. Even though Moonblaster had become the de facto tracker, the music for this demo was still made with FAC Soundtracker Pro.

News and Info

Stairs number 2 gets you to the Sunrise Picturedisk info screens.

Fastcopy 3.0 Exec

SPD04 Fastcopy01.png

A free copy of XelaSoft's excellent disk-copy program. The version comes with a new MSX turbo R driver. The screen shows you how to actually start this tool.


SPD04 Rhapsody01.png
SPD04 Rhapsody02.png

A promotional preview demo for the upcoming MegaDemo "Rhapsody" from Instrument of Darkness. It starts with a scroller which can change in size from a small font to a screen-filled one. The second part is a demonstration of IOD's technical coding abbilities, it shows a multi-layered screen with a scroller on top.

Patch for Moonblaster

SPD04 PatchMB01.png

This is a program to patch Moonblaster to a new version.

SME 3.0 ST Converter

SPD04 SME01.png

A tool to convert FAC Soundtracker files to SME.