SynthPower 1
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Music disk published in October 1990 by the FAC team.



Here is back the impressive replayer of the FAC Demo 4 to play MSX-AUDIO music. Although the mention 'stereo' is displayed, the music is actually mono. However, the Output Power Level Display shows the melodic channels on the left and the sampling channels on the right.

If you click on the OPEN/CLOSE button, you will hear an amazing sample. 9 songs are available in this replayer, they have been composed by Erik Duijs and John van Poelgeest.

Number Title Composer
01 Axel-F John van Poelgeest
02 Love Sexy Erik Duijs
03 The Future Erik Duijs
04 Little Electrons John van Poelgeest
05 Nuclear Power Plant John van Poelgeest
06 Synthesizer SF-2 Erik Duijs
07 Change of Heart John van Poelgeest
08 Toccata in D-mol John van Poelgeest
09 Alpha John van Poelgeest