SynthPower 2
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Music disk published in October 1991 by the FAC team. You need to boot while pressing the CTRL key.



An improved version of the impressive replayer from the FAC Demo 4, but this time you can choose between MSX-AUDIO and MSX-MUSIC by clicking on the right of the screen with the "MODE" indication, at the same level than the "MOD" or "PAC" indication.

Although the mention 'stereo' is displayed, the music is actually mono. However, the Output Power Level Display shows the melodic channels on the left and the sampling channels on the right.

This music disk contains 9 songs written in the FAC Soundtracker 2 format. Most of them can be played with MSX-MUSIC or MSX-AUDIO, but one song is only for MSX-AUDIO. Three of these songs can also be found on FAC Music Disk 3.

Number Song (MUS) Drumkit (SM1/2) Title Composer Notes
01 FILMTRAK FILMTRAK Filmtrack Eric Duijs Only for MSX-AUDIO
Also on FAC Music Disk 3
02 EQUINOX4 EQUINOX4 Equinoxe IV John van Poelgeest
03 EARTH EARTH Earth The Living Planet John van Poelgeest
04 HOUSE HOUSE The One & Only FAC In The House Eric Duijs Also on FAC Music Disk 3
05 STARLIGH STARLIGH Star Light John van Poelgeest
06 FIELDS1 FIELDS1 Magnetic Fields 1 John van Poelgeest
07 MONTY MONTY Auf Wiederschnitzel Monty Eric Duijs
08 PRELUDE PRELUDE Piano Prelude John van Poelgeest Also on FAC Music Disk 3
09 JUPITER JUPITER Jupiter The Big Brother John van Poelgeest


  • You can get infos about the songs by clicking on buttons 1 to 9 of the replayer when there is no music played (back to default display by clicking on button 0). The other options of this replayer are very intuitive.