Tanam Mega MSX Adapter
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Mega MSX Adapter was designed by Tanam. It allows to make a dump of ROM cartridges for SG-1000 and Colecovision on MSX using another adapters like the Retro Freak Gear Converter, etc. It can make the same thing with Colecovision's games using another adapter.

NSSAVE.COM or SGSAVE.COM (included in SGTOOL.zip) can be used to make Rom cartridge dump.

The adapter has a SN76489 soundchip that uses I/O port 7Fh. You can play SG-1000 Rom images with SG1000T.COM (Same as SG1000F.COM but uses I/O port 7Fh instead of 49h) and some Colecovision Rom images with COLECO.COM.

LRT2MSX.COM allows to run Loretta no Shouzou (SG-1000) with the Mega MSX Adapter or other devices as the Musical Memory Mapper. It is also included in SGTOOL.zip

Mega MSX Adapter is sold in Japan for ¥2000.


Mega MSX Adapter

Jumpers Setting

Tool    A15  A14  Rom lenght
NSSAVE  Down Down  16k/32k
SGSAVE  Up   Up    16k/32k/48k/64k


  • National CF-2000 (SN76489 doesn't produce sound)
  • Panasonic FS-A1 (doesn't start when Gear Converter is used)
  • Panasonic FS-A1ST/A1GT (doesn't start when Gear Converter is used)
  • Sanyo PHC-SPC (doesn't start when Gear Converter is used)
  • Sony HB-F1XDJ (MegaFlashROM SCC+SD is ignored when Gear Converter is used)

Undumpable Roms

  • Pachinko (SG-1000)
  • Space Slalom (SG-1000)
  • The Castle (SG-1000)