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The File-Hunter is the nickname used by Arnaud de Klerk for his activities within Fony. He got is first MSX computer in 1984, a Toshiba HX-10P. In 1985 he had a listing published in MSX Info of a game called Vallende Sterren(Falling Stars). Later on he owned a Philips NMS 8250, followed by a Sony HB-F500P, Sony HB-F700D with MSX2+ upgrade.

He has done work for:

  • Fony Demodisk #1 -> Moral Support & Text
  • Fony Demodisk #2 Promo -> Coding & Music
  • Fony Demodisk #2 -> Coding & Music
  • Eggbert -> Music
  • Some SCC conversions of games using NandemoSCC
  • English Translation of Astro Marine Corps
  • English Translation of Titanic
  • Easter Egg Demo
  • Easter Egg Demo II
  • Easter Egg Demo III
  • Konami SCC Music Disk
  • StarShip Rendezvous Slideshow
  • Puzzle Egg Demo
  • Model D AI Inspirations

Current Projects:

  • Shooting Stars 2022

He also maintained the Fony Tyfoon Base BBS and organised CHAIN-Music in 1992, which was a musical version of a chain letter using SCC-Musixx and Pro Tracker. In 2020 he released the MSX Games for Android in the Google Play Store. An app to play MSX games on your Android device

His current websites:

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