Tweety's Choise
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After Chip left Near Dark, the leftovers went searching for a replacement. They found it in MSX Gebruikersgroep Friesland's Impulse Corporation. He was more than happy to put together Meits' latest idea: The Zandvoort 1997 released Tweety's Choise, yet another Moonblaster music disk for MSX-AUDIO and MSX-MUSIC.
Meits had some Tweety merchandise which he copied to screen 5 and put some music together.
Because he drew way too many Tweeties, there had to be some demo parts on this disk, which Impulse Corporation was able to code. Next to the standard music replayer, which is controllable with a mouse as well, there is an animation demo and a screen split demo. The latter is totally made by Impulse Corporation and does not exactly fit the concept of the disk. The rest of the graphics went into the frequency selector, intro and credit demo. Tweety's Choise1.gif
Then there were still graphics left. A little Sylvester animation went into a screen saver for Multi Mente and the final graphics went, along with some concepts into a slide show.
These can be found somewhere on the disk.

TS menu.png


  • After all was done and the disk labels were printed, Near Dark found out that "Choise" ain't an English word. Of course it had to be "Choice", but it was too late.
  • Meits did all music and graphics, but used two nick names to do so (Tweety and Joan)
  • Joan is short for Jelle onder andere naam (Jelle with another name).
  • All music is embedded inside one big lib file. The raw music files were added as a disk filler.
  • The name Simba in the replayer refers to the cat of one of Meits' friend.
  • The control buttons in the replayer are the same as the ones in Alto - Hell on Wheels. A music disk released on the same day.
TS replayer.png