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The V9990 category contains specific cartridges that have a V9990 video processor and software that specifically uses the V9990.


Cartridges with V9990

The V9990 is used in the following cartridges:

See also the Yamaha V9990 Evaluation Board

No MSX computer has ever been released with this VDP built-in. The different cartridges with this VDP can be used with MSX1, MSX2, MSX2+ and MSX turbo R computers without any compromise, but for running the V9990-enabled BASIC interpreter it's recommended to use MSX turbo R machines.

Software that uses V9990


  • Hi-Spec Snowfall (TNI)
  • Not 2D (N.I. / Bixmatan)
  • Shoot'em up Demo (Bit Vision) (Never available for download)
  • Siesta (N.I. / Bixmatan)
  • Symbolic Register (N.I. / Bixmatan)
  • Tel (N.I. / Bixmatan)
  • Underwater Demo (Team Bomba)
  • V9990 Curry (N.I. / Bixmatan)
  • X-Tazy (Excerpts of a game that was never finished)

Disk Magazines



  • G-BASIC: Develop V9990 software using MSX-BASIC (Koen van Hartingsveldt). Supports B1-B6 modes only. MSX2 or higher.
  • GFXAGE, a graphic editor in P1 mode (Sunrise)
  • Paint9000, a graphic editor in P2 mode (Sunrise)
  • PICVIEW, a BMP and GIF files viewer (Sunrise)
  • PowerBASIC: The first BASIC language for developing V9990 software using MSX BASIC. (Henrik Gilvad), based on X-BASIC. Supports P1 and P2 modes only. MSX turbo R only.
  • SymbOS is a free multitasking operating system for Z80-based 8-bit computer systems. The G9K-preview version supports bitmap mode 2 (384×240 16 bpp), 3 (512×212 16 bpp), 4 (768×240 16 bpp) and 7 (1024×212 16 bpp) of the V9990 VDP including virtual X resolutions of up to 1024 pixels.
  • WiOS: Never completely finished.

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