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W76 (Wouter de Vries, 1976) got introduced to MSX in the mid 80s when his dad bought a Philips NMS8250. When he was 13 he met Meits at school. While Meits still had to deal with a Philips vg8235, he got a lot of visits of him just to play games.

After Meits had an upgrade and Chip was found, he went together with them to the Tilburg 1993 fair. From there W76 got graphical duties in what was going to be Near Dark. W76's first effort was the intro demo of Soepfiskje. Later he did some work on DISK.

After the silent years he got back as the man with the idea to have Runit made. He pushed SMD to build and perfect it. Without W76 Runit would not have been made and most of al, never been finished.


as graphic designer


  • Has won the Future Disk composing challenge by making a Moonblaster song, while being dictated by Meits which key to press (and how often), while Meits wasn't even looking at the screen.

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