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WARP ('What A Ridiculous Program') is a megademo on 2 disks, released on 28 April 1990 by the PTC section Rotterdam and First Class Software (FCS), it includes several parts associating MSX-AUDIO samples with precalculations, especially for sine-wave scrolls or animations. Most parts are interactive.

This megademo uses a RAM version of the runtime compiler X-BASIC (files WARP.00B and WARP2.028 with CALL SPEEDIN IN and CALL SPEEDOUT as replacements for CALL TURBO ON and CALL TURBO OFF).

An MSX2 with at least 128kB RAM is required. For a better result, 256kB RAM is recommended.


Disk 1

WARP is coming


It's the silent intro of the megademo, it's written in screen 6 and includes 3 parts:

  • an intro screen with checking of MSX-AUDIO presence
  • an interactive animation with the letters of the word WARP
  • a title screen



A sample from Jean-Michel Jarre on the nice intro screen of Laydock 2 (in screen 8) renamed WARP PTC-demo 2.

The scroll text explains the title of this megademo and includes the greetings.

Double Scroll


Another Jean-Michel Jarre sample, this time on the nice Aleste intro (in screen 5) and 2 scroll texts:

  • one to welcome you in this megademo
  • one to explain the advantages and disadvantages of X-BASIC and how the sine-wave effects are created in this part



Jean-Michel Jarre remains the star here on screen 7 for an amazing circle scroll text with much nonsense and some infos about the scroll.

Turn Around


This part has been coded in screen 6: a Giorgio Moroder sample for wiregraphics and scroll text with some comments about interlacing.

Spaceship 505


Time for a long and tragical science-fiction story in screen 5 including problems with black hole and laws of robotic.

The sample comes from music written by The Droids.

Disk Change


End of disk 1 with a screen 8 picture and a little scroll inviting to insert disk 2.

This picture appears also without the scroll when you start directly with disk 2 in the drive.

Disk 2



The first part on disk 2 is an amazing sine-wave with balls in screen 8.

The scroll text gives infos about the PTC section Rotterdam and how the sine-wave has been built. The sample comes from Alan Parsons Project.

The Planets


Back to screen 7 with a Visage sample for the sequel of the 505 science-fiction story. It's now the 606 spaceship!

Crazy Scroll


This double crazy scroll is a jumping scroll in screen 5 with a New Order sample. The text gives infos about the history of FCS.

The End


It's already the end. A Jan Hammer sample for detailed credits, colored in screen 5.

Hidden parts

On disk 1

Cheat menu


You can access to this cheat menu in screen 5 by pressing a joystick or mouse button or the spacebar when you are on the title screen or when you quit a part (except Spacehunter and Change Disk) with ESC (in this case, you press a button or the spacebar on a black screen).

This menu allows to launch a specific part. Unfortunaly, it will work correctly only for the parts that are on the first disk. So, if you want to see only the parts that are on disk 2, it's better to start directly with this disk in the drive!

About WARP


An info screen that is part of the hidden cheat menu!

On disk 2

Cheat menu

The cheat menu is also available when using disk 2. You need to quit a part (except The End) with ESC then press a button or the spacebar on a black screen to access to this menu.

Here, the cheat menu seems to work correctly also for the parts on disk 1. Besides, it has an hidden feature: the function keys F1 to F8 allow to listen to the different MSX-AUDIO samples used in this megademo.


  • The Poltergeist
  • White Shadow