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Years active 1994-today
Main activities hardware
Founded by Tjeerd, Frank, Richard
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Tjeerd
Former members Frank, Richard
Website Worp3



WORP3 is the continuation of A.C.E., when in 1994 the idea arose to start programming on the Super Nintendo in the hope of releasing a game. As the name A.C.E wasn't really applicable as an international brand and far from unique, eventually they came up with the name WORP3. The name was chosen because of the word 'warp', as this was a giant step for the team. However, they consciously decided to spell it with an 'O' to keep it unique and give it a Dutch sound, which was a big plus. The 3 referred to the three members, Tjeerd, Frank and Richard.

The other former A.C.E. team members Alex and Jan indicated they wanted to get more out their music skills and split up. As they still wanted to use the same name, they decided to use the name WORP3_MUSIC. Eventually they made the CD 'Styles' under that name.

SD Snatcher

During the first WORP3 period they where primarily working on converting the MSX game SD-Snatcher to the Super Nintendo platform, which was actually going quite well. With the help of Rein and the already finished playable demo they persuaded Konami Netherlands and Germany that releasing SD-Snatcher on the Super Nintendo was a good idea. Unfortunately by the time they were in consultation with Konami Japan, Japan was hit by a big earthquake. Because Konami lost a lot during the earthquake, they were forced to reorganize their development strategy. Eventually Konami decided to continue with the newer console and stop all the 8 and 16 bits projects, including the Super Nintendo and the SD-Snatcher project.

After the very disappointing news from Konami they tried to create their own game for the Super Nintendo as a way to put all gathered knowledge and the purchased SNES development kit to good use. Unfortunately by the time the first playable level was finished, the momentum of the Super Nintendo was already gone. During the upcoming year the interest in developing a game slowly faded, and eventually WORP3 went into hibernating mode.


The hibernation phase continued until the year 2010, which was the time Tjeerd decided to sell all of his MSX stuff. During the sale the MIDI-PAC prototype was rediscovered and Tjeerd regained interest into MSX once more. In 2011 Tjeerd took the time to redesign the MIDI-PAC, the WORP3 logo and created the first WORP3 website. In 2012 WORP3 started work on ORBIT, a new MSX hardware compatible platform completely built from scratch. Although the hardware and PCB concept is ready, it's seemed to be a to big of a task to make this an actually product. For now this project is on halt.


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