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Years active 1989-today
Main activities demos, utilities
Founded by Alex Wulms
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Alex Wulms
Former members
Website XelaSoft



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Public domain SCC demos in cooperation with Merla Soft

Public domain demos

Public domain utilities

  • Buffer (1988)
  • Y-Z (1988)
  • PKCLR (Clear Hidden Part) (1988)
  • FastCopy 2.0 (1991)
  • Fast Copy 3.0 (1991)
  • freqa: Real time spectrum analyzer for MSX turbo R
  • xslife: Amazingly fast (10 generations/second on Z80, 35 generations/second on R800) version of Conways life
  • XelaSoft Control Center 0.20: a Norton Commander (NC) clone) for MSX DOS 2
  • optim11: code optimizer version 1.1 for ASCII MSX C
  • dmphex: a MSX DOS utility to make a hexdump of a file
  • promptsa: add an ADPCM sample to the basic prompt
  • r800-dr: a utility to prevent MSX DOS 2.x switching back to Z80 mode when accessing user specified drives (e.g. RAMDISK, HARDDISK)
  • smouse: turn your MSX with a mouse and RS232 interface into a serial genius PC mouse. Thus, use your MSX as a mouse interface between the MSX mouse and the PC
  • Format Utility: nice format utility for MSX, based on fastcopy drivers
  • MOD Player: MODplay for MSX turbo R

Other productions

Tools for emulators

  • VDP Command engine in C for MSX emulators, used in openMSX, fMSX and blueMSX
  • Improved keyboard driver for openMSX
  • VDP Command engine in VHDL for One Chip MSX

Current project

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